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We are Born to LOVE

FEAR is  something we learn

Close your eyes and imagine yourself letting go completely and being in a place of absolute comfort and trust. Imagine being able to surrender and let go of all in life that brings stress, pain and anxiety.


When you come to me, I will help take you to a place of serenity, joy and ecstasy. And when you leave, it is my hope that you will take the loving, spiritual and ecstatic energy that we have shared and manifest it into your own life. 


The need for connection and touch runs deep, down to our DNA, however the majority of us don't receive nearly enough of it in our lives. My meaning and purpose in life is to change that for the wonderful men that come to see me. My intent is to always provide a physical and emotional space where you will feel comfortable being vulnerable and your most authentic self. It is through vulnerability that we have the opportunity to address our fears and embrace more love into our lives.


Whether you identify as gay, bi, straight or questioning, and regardless of your age, size, experience, physical abilities, or HIV status, you are welcomed in my space. Between my studies in massage therapy, the sensual & erotic training I have received, and the last 9 years that this has been my soul focus and career, I come to you with the gifts, skills and intuition that will help transport you to a place of ecstatic bliss. 


In US$


1 Hour : $280

1.5 Hours $400

2 Hours: $500

$200 each additional hour



start at $320



Start at $1200 (details below)


Weekend (Any 48 Hour Period)

Start at $3000


*Overnights usually begin around 6 or 7pm and conclude around 9 am.  I tend to go to bed by midnight and enjoy some cuddling while going to sleep and often a little friskiness in the morning before breakfast.  I know alot about dining and entertainment so I'm happy to assist with planning and reservations.


Inquire about rates for travel and longer sessions

Here are some images of me and my husband (he's not available to join us, sorry), Taken in 2019.  Hopefully this will feed your imagination a bit.

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