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I believe in the duality of life, yin & yang, love & fear, light & dark.


Just like the day is split between light and dark, so are we.  When we think of "the dark", it often evokes sinister and scary imagery, but it shouldn't be seen as either.  The "dark" might hold within it some fears, but it is through confronting these fears (and insecurities) that we grow.  It's in the dark that we sleep, we let go, and we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.


I usually sign my emails "Love & Light" because that is what I hope to share with my clients and with the world.  However, I also fully embrace the dark and how much it can help us to let go and embrace more love.


So, whether you are coming to me to share in the "light" with lots of cuddling, affectionate and passionate play, or to embrace the dark, through bondage, domination, sensory deprevation, role-play, etc., you are in safe, capable and very loving hands.  I encourage you to be very open and honest with what your desires are.  I am open to most things as long as they are mutually respectful and pleasureable.

"Everything you are looking for is just outside your comfort zone"


Born in southwest Virginia, I grew up deep in the Appalachian Moutains, until I was 13 when my mom, brother and I moved to Williamsburg.  I went to college in Richmond, VA, moved to California 15 years ago and in Jan 2021 moved to St Petersburg, FL. My path as a massage, sex-therapist and escort began 12 years ago after attending a massage workshop in Berkeley.  I long knew that I had a gift of touch and strong intution, and after coming out of that weekend, I felt inspired to learn more.  Since then I have studied several modalities of massage and somatic sex-therapy, learning all I can about therapeutic, sensual and erotic connection.  I bring to my clients an expansive knowledge, but most importantly I bring a tremendous amount of love, compassion, understanding and acceptance.  


I have had the honor of working with so many wonderful men, who come to me from very different places in their erotic and spiritual journey.  I also have absolutely no hangups about a client's age, size, ethnicity, abilities, etc.  I've worked with clients as young as 19 and as old as 91, from 120 lbs to over 400.  I am HIV-, on PrEP and am comfortable with guys who are positive or negative, I also respect each individual's safety preferences.  My intention is that everyone who comes to me will leave feeling loved, honored and appreciated.  


I see my work as deeply sacred and spiritual, I am sharing the energy of love that I hope each of my clients will take back out into the world and make it a better place.  So, whether you are newly exploring intimacy with a man, or a veteran who would like to expand your horizons, you are coming to the right place.  I can customize our sessions to meet whatever your comfort level is, from boyfriend experience to dom/sub role play.  My greatest assets and tools are what's within, but I do also have many toys, tools and gear to enhance our experience. 

A Few Words From The Men I've Touched...

"For me, it was like being released from bondage, from a prison, much of my own making, but also that of society. I cried several times while in Lance's arms - sometimes from the overwhelming feeling of release having just told him of painful past experiences and sometimes from unbearable joy that effervesced inside me and overflowed because of what I found in his love, both physical and spiritual"


"His approach to our encounter was totally holistic - satisfying the mind, the residence of the sexual experience, the body, the organism for expressing the pent-up sexual desire, and the soul, the the location of the longing for acceptance and understanding."


"The afternoon I spent with Lance was among the best times I spent in San Francisco. The local tourism board should sign this guy up as he was the friendliest local I met."

"Lance is the nicest, most polite, friendliest escort I have ever been with. He made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived and it felt like I was catching up with a friend to play rather than a business arrangement."

"His body is hard yet silky smooth and his chest hair is just right to snuggle in and tickle your nose and stroke the side of your face. Wow! I'm getting hot again just writing this. Excuse me while I go take a cold shower! "

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